Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eagles Cut Jason Babin; New Possible Destinations Already Being Lined Up

"We appreciate everything that Jason has given this team over the last couple of years," Eagles coach Andy Reid said in a team news release. "We wish him all the best as he continues his career. By releasing him today, this gives us an opportunity to give more playing time to some of the younger guys in the defensive line rotation."
ESPN and I have very different ideas of what passes as "stunning" news.

Did I expect a move like this to happen so abruptly? No, but the Eagles have made some kind of move after every loss.

Firing a coach, changing a quarterback... This week, it's cutting Jason Babin. And believe me, the cut comes with good reason. Babin is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

Fans see the 18 sacks from a year ago and think "Wow, he must be a great player," but that stat line comes at a huge cost: a selfish hunger for the big play vs. making the right plays.

He's a one-trick pony with no real ability or IQ in regards to gap assignments when attempting to stop the run. There's a reason why even semi-knowledgeable Eagles fans could care less about the news today.

The move is less about his talent (or lack thereof) as opposed to a shift in defensive philosophy, though.

The firing of Juan Castillo means that there will be a new D coordinator in town in 2013. Jason Babin has always been a part of the wide 9 scheme, even dating back to his days in Tennessee.

Based on the Eagles' general lack of success with the wide 9 over the last couple of years, think of this as the first official move away from it.

Nothing political. Just football.

Report via Philly Sports Nut:
It hasn’t taken long for Babin to start lining up interviews. He is on his way to Atlanta to interview with the Falcons and will proceed to the New Orleans Saints following his interview with Atlanta. From there Jason will head to Denver on Wednesday night to talk shop with the Broncos. Another team that could be interested in his services are the Detroit Lions who also run the wide-9.
Any team looking for a 3rd and long pass-rushing specialist would be attaining a player that could significantly improve their defense.

If the team is looking to make him their starting DE, though, they'll be overpaying for him. The only team that might be an exception to that is the Lions, whose interior line can get major penetration against the run by themselves.

[UPDATE} Falcons and Broncos are officially off the list of potential suitors.

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