Rob Gronkowski Doesn’t Even Need New Orleans to Party

I’m sure we all remember Gronk and a few other Patriots throwing the greatest Loser’s Post-Superbowl Party ever just one year ago. This year, the Patriots again came up short of their ultimate goal in the playoffs, losing to the Ravens in a game in which they were favored by 9 points.

But it’s tough to keep a good Gronk down, especially when he’s geared up for some down time in New Orleans. Last night, he was sighted warming up for the weekend at Bogie’s Bar in Baton Rouge, responsibly chaperoning a group of fraternity kids from LSU. Look out, Bourbon Street, the Gronkowski is drawing near.

Spin IT is still investigating the specifics of the situation (i.e. What happened to Gronk’s shirt? How many of those LSU slots did he bang exactly?)We’ll keep you posted.

H/t Reddit user clb2489

[UPDATE] A few friends of mine who live in Baton Rouge have informed me that they weren’t at the bar and would never go because it’s a “freshman bar.”

Confiscating alcohol from underage college kids? All in a day’s work for Rob Gronkowski. Like we said before, the man was chaperoning.

[UPDATE] So apparently, he was also there with former LSU and current Pats running back Stevan Ridley. They went because Ridley used to hang out there during his LSU days from what I’ve heard. Further commentary brought to you by a much douchier Reddit user, Geaux12:

If you attended or have ever visited LSU, you will understand why Gronk, Ridley, and half of the athletes at LSU love Bogie’s. It’s jam-fucking-packed with gorgeous sorority girls. And they have a great patio in the back. Favorite college bar in Baton Rouge.

If you hate fraternity men, I wouldn’t bother though.

You will also understand why more down-to-Earth students hate it.

[UPDATE] While the exact whereabouts of Gronk’s shirt still remains a mystery, Softy_K has assured me that he did, in fact, come in wearing a shirt