As you know, there are a lot of important things about the laser level that we have to think and keep in mind. I can mention some things including the usage, application, construction, and so on. It can be said that when we tend to buy any types of laser level, we must know all things above to make this tool become our best choice in life. I must say that a lot of furniture, objects, and works in our life which we need to utilize the laser level. For example, with furniture design, the carpenters need the best laser level for cabinets. Using laser level is a good way for workers because of its convenient measurement. Today I would like to talk about the outdoor laser level – one of the well-known type of laser level in the market nowadays. We will find out the best way to utilize advantageously the outdoor laser level.

The differences between the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level

The laser level is consist of two main types with different functions and structure. We have the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level. The main function of these two types is determined or measure precisely the point of many different things. However, they are different from each other in some features. The outdoor laser level emits green rays so this type is convenient for measuring things in outdoor. Because when we work in outdoor, the green rays will be more clear for us so that we can easily do our works. In contrast, the indoor laser level often releases red rays so this type is more suitable for indoor works than another type.

How to use the outdoor laser level?

People often care about the way to use any tools when they buy them from the stores or markets. The answer is that we must know how to use them so that we can use them. In case we do not have any knowledge about one tool, we can not apply it for our work. So it is very important to know the way to use any type of devices in our life. Here are the usage of the laser level that I want to share with you.

  1. Step 1: with the laser level, we can use battery to measure or not because there are two types of using laser level. If you want to use battery, you need to insert into the power. Moreover, the outdoor laser level are also used directly by plugging into 220V power source.
  2. Step 2: the next step is that we need to mount aluminum feets before we can configure the gauge. That is an important step that we must do before going to step 3.
  3. Step 3: you need to press the start button of the outdoor laser level. Commonly, when we press the start button, we will hear a beep from this tool. That means that we can carry out the next steps.
  4. Step 4: After we have done step 3, our outdoor laser level is not ready to work. An important rule when using the laser level is in step 4. We need to adjust the balance of the device and look on the face of the device with a water balance point that is the standard position. After that we turn the power button on the body to ON. We will see a green signal on the side of the device and hear a beep. At that time, our outdoor laser level has power and stability.
  5. Step 5: now you just need to adjust the brightness and work depending on the conditions and your working environment. And our outdoor laser level will have three adjustment buttons. The first one is the OUTDOOR button that is outdoor mode. It helps to reduce light rays and save power. The second button is H button which is horizontal light. And the last one is the V button that is vertical light. So we can choose any modes that are appropriate with our works.

Notes: When you finish using the outdoor laser level, you should turn off our machine to avoid collision damage. Besides, you also should clean it regularly after using to preserve it well.

In conclusion

I think that a lot of people will not have knowledge about the usage of the outdoor laser level. Each user should know the way to use the outdoor laser level because of our work efficiency. The usage of this tool is very easy to understand and remember so it will not take a lot of time to learn and remember. And the best laser level will be your any time.

It can be seen that the more developing our society is, the more quality our life is. If in the past, people do not have opportunities to select beautiful clothes to wear or nutritious food to eat, now they can buy whatever foods, clothes, modern machines, and devices to use every day. All aspects and industries of society are continuously developed. Especially, with the growth of some areas such as the electricity industry and mechanical industry, people need to create a lot of devices to be appropriate for the demands of these industries. We can not count how many tools that the electricity works and mechanical works need to contain. So in this article, I want to introduce to you one of the most popular tools in electricity works and mechanical works that is the component foot cutting pliers. Besides, I also give you some bad cases that can happen during using this tool.

The component foot cutting plier


Have you ever seen the tool kit of each electrician or mechanic nowadays? That can make many shocks for those who first see what is included in their tool kit. With the electricians and mechanics, one or two devices are not enough for them to expose their works. Actually, I have had a chance to see and explore their toolbox before. And my feeling likes how they can work with also many different types of devices. I think that their job is so complicated and difficult to do. And I really admire their will and their work. Their tool kit can not be lack of the component foot cutting pliers. The component foot cutting pliers are designed as a held-hand tool that is created to cut small things and objects or feet electronic component. The component foot cutting pliers are utilized broadly in numerous aspects especially in the electricity industry. Because generally, the electricity works will relate to electronic wire and small objects. Moreover, people design this tool with a special and tiny design so we can say that the component foot cutting pliers are the easiest way for workers to cut tiny and compact objects. Besides, this tool is designed very meticulously in every step from preparing materials step to designing step. That’s why the component foot cutting pliers are very indestructible over time. So we can use this tool in the permanent time without worrying about being broken.

I must say that the component foot cutting pliers are always friendly and safe for users. Besides, this tool can bring us the best work efficiency and best satisfaction. Although we need to use the force of our hands to cut during working, it does not cause much fatigue for our hands.

Some terrible incidents occurring during working with the component foot cutting pliers

We should keep in mind that everything will have both good aspects and bad aspects. We can not ensure that we do not encounter the worst cases that can happen in our life. that’s why I write this article to help you know more about bad situations and some ways to avoid them here.

  • The component foot cutting pliers sometimes can hurt users: I think that getting hurt during working this tool is a very common thing in our life. Because the head of the component cutting pliers is designed by hard steel and very pointed and sharp. So sometimes we may not be careful when holding it and letting it cut into our hands that can cause bleeding. Moreover, in some cases, we need to cut the electronic wire so if we are not careful to check if it has electric in wire or not, we could get an electric shock. So my advice is that we should cut off all power sources around us before using the component foot cutting pliers to cut any electronic wire. Last but not least, we should be careful when holding the component foot cutting pliers. This tool includes two main parts that are the head and the body or handle part. So we should hold the handle part when using this tool. The handle part is made of good quality plastic so it is very safe for us to use.
  • We should not let our children play with the component foot cutting pliers as a toy: the reason is that this device can cause a lot of serious problems for our kids. Sometimes, our child can use it to hurt other kids when they are playing with each other. So my advice is that we should put this tool in a high place where kids can not reach it. Moreover, the best way is to put this tool carefully into our tool kit.

In conclusion

I have already given to you some information about the component foot cutting pliers and some ways to avoid bad cases during working. I think that you also should use this information with other types of pliers. Besides, the best pliers set will be the best solutions for you in daily life.

Table saws are increasingly asserting themselves in the saw market. With outstanding functions such as cutting large, thick boards easily in a long working time. It has replaced manual saws such as hand saws in the production of wood furniture.

If you want to buy a table saw? But you don’t know how to choose because there are so many different types of table saw on the market. Today’s article, I will talk about Jobsite table saw in the portable table saw. Try to read and find out if it suits your desired needs.

Jobsite table saw
Jobsite table saw

About safety

Most table saws come with riving knives, anti-kickback and a part that protects the user from the dangers of saw blades. Although the above parts can be removed at any time, I think they are indispensable for table saws. Because it helps us to prevent potential dangers to users. Specifically, the guard from the saw blade makes the table saw turn itself off if the saw blade hits your skin, it is so quick that you don’t notice any scratches on the skin. So don’t worry about its appearance because it’s equipped with lots of parts to protect you.


If you cut wood with this table saw, you will be assured of its accuracy. It will help you cut out the most straight and beautiful wood panels. You need to adjust the angle of the previous saw to cut the straightest and most attractive woods. By setting the good effect will be good cutting results.


The next two important factors of a table saw are the fence quality and overall stability. The fence works by grasping the edge of the table and clamping it. The fence has three contact points. However, it is not as expected, all three points are on the front, none on the back. With a metal clamping system, the front is straightened and self-aligning. It requires a strong locking mechanism so that when the fence is not loose and falls out.  But no guarantee of one hundred percent.

Suggestions on fence settings: When setting up a fence use two hands to press the front of the fence toward the front of the saw table to bring it into the correct place. That helps the fence perpendicular to the saw table. And hold your last position with one hand, and the other lock the fence.

About the level of stability

The stability of the device depends very extremely on whether or not the barrier lock mechanism is certain. If the lock is not tight, it will certainly cause fluctuation to the machine when performing. If you lock it tight enough, you don’t need to worry about it. Particularly, the type of machine that can be moved like this Jobsite saw will vibrate, But the device will just standstill.


Portability is a special feature of this tool for comparison with other devices. With this feature, you can move the table saw wherever you want without worrying about its size or weight.

About weight

The weight of this type of saw is very diverse. Depending on your preferences and needs, the lightest weight is 50 pounds to 500 pounds. If you only use it alone, choose a light and small machine for easy use and portability. If you use it for a workshop, buy a bigger, bigger one to cut more wood.


As I said above because mobility on the machine must be equipped with wheels. There is an instant wheel with the machine, And there is a separate wheel type when you want to move you just need to insert and go very convenient

In conclusion

I have finished giving you some criteria when choosing Jobsite table saw. Do you find it useful and necessary for you? Although there will be some flaws and not perfect. Hope you forgive it. And finally, Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hope that you can choose the best table saw which is suitable for your needs.

The tree is a natural resource that gives us many useful things for life. Their presence not only contributes to the beauty of the world but also brings life to the organism. I am a nature lover, the feeling of being immersed with them, hearing the sound of the wind through the foliage, the song from the birds perched on the branches, the sound of fallen leaves when leaving the branch and the sound of rustling when someone swept the leaves away, they made my soul relax, purified, making my life full of energy. Because of that, it always makes me like and loves all the things made of wood. In my heart, I always cherished myself with a desire to live in a house made entirely of wood. So today I will introduce some of my favorite wood houses.

Interesting things from wood

It will be exciting things if you don’t know these things yet.

I.   One of the things I like most about wood is the variety of materials, colors, scents, sizes, and properties of them. There are billions of plants in the world, and part of them are plants capable of making wooden furniture as well as building houses.

Their advantages:
– There are beautiful grain marks, easy to dye, easy to decorate the surface.
– Isolated from temperature and electricity, good moisture prevention, small thermal expansion.
– It’s soft so you can use machines, tools like the best hand saw, etc. to saw, shave, drill, split with high speed in them but still with good strength.
– Easy to connect with nails, tenons, glue.
– Finally, it is durable with a long time
However, besides that, they also have disadvantage points, but with advanced technology and human intelligence, the disadvantages of wood are best overcome.

II.   You must have heard about feng shui furniture or feng shui wood bracelets. So this brings the second exciting thing about the wood. Wood developed from nature in thousands of years ago, no one knew why wood appeared, where did it come from, we only know that it has been on Earth since humans existed. Besides What humans see inside the tree apart from the advantages that are said, people also know that they have souls, this soul has existed for tens of thousands of years, it absorbs the essence of heaven and earth to live, it carries endless and powerful energy. Therefore, we consider wood as a raw material to make feng shui objects. A wooden feng shui bracelet will bring a new beginning with lots of luck and fortune. Also other sacred objects such as altars, or holy places like temples and pagodas, you will see everywhere carrying the breath of wood.
Another interesting story I know about the tree is that the tree is a shelter for the abandoned souls; the souls of humans who have not been liberated. That is why many people said they saw white shadows at the banyan tree in the night.

My favorite wooden houses

To create and build a wooden house is not simple; the first thing when building a wooden house is the material. For this material, it needs to be well preserved, avoiding the harsh environment, not allowing the wood to be flooded regularly, removing all the outer skin of trees to minimize termites. Typically, softwood will be used for household appliances; hardwood is used to make bearing places such as stairs, floors, pillars, etc. If you do not have a deep understanding of wood materials, you need advice from experts to make the best choice for your house. Besides, my favorite house also includes decorative items made of wood. For me, self-made wooden things like the picture frame will bring more satisfaction, with only the best hammer and a few nails that I can create a family photo frame for my house.

1. A one-story house combined with glass doors will create an elegant and modern look. To add a cool and relaxing part, it will be a small swimming pool combined with a wooden floor for avoiding slippery when playing or running, it will keep children safe when outdoor entertainment activities. Around the house is decorated flowers and plants.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho wooden houses with pool


2. Wooden houses combined with large sized stones will create an ancient feel and are a bit rude. However, if such a house is built in high places, it will be more wonderful and suitable for the scenery. Those with strong personalities will keen on this kind of house.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wooden houses with stone wall
The advantage for houses built with stone is solidity, the tolerance of these walls is extremely good during the rainy season, or during the storms, they block strong winds and heavy rains. In the dry season, these stone walls have the ability to help lower your home temperature and avoid the summer heat.

3. Just like the house above, this European-styled house is a combination of uniquely designed wood and white stone walls with large, airy windows and doors. Also on the dome of the house, there are sky-well windows that allow natural light to easily enter the house. At night, the whole house is covered in a shimmering sparkling light that makes it look romantic and outstanding.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho nhà gỗ kết hợp đá trắng châu âu


4. A prevalent wooden house architecture in Vietnam, if you go to the countryside of Vietnam, you will see this type of house, which I also like. It is not as luxurious and modern as the above architectural styles, but the classic style with the most Asian tradition that I have ever seen.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nhà gỗ việt nam


The impression for me about this kind of house is that the roof, with a dome made of red bricks, combined with a wooden frame, it not only helps the roof that is not waterlogged and the house is cool but also create delicate and elegant. Moreover, these houses also create accents with carved letters or shapes made of wood chisels that are incredibly sophisticated and eye-catching.


A wooden house, brings close and familiar with the highlight is the natural landscape, the garden has rivers and streams, swimming pools, orchards, flowers, and plants, creating a comfortable living space, harmony with nature, always being a nice place of each person during the weekend. Because the house is not simply a place to go back, is a place to regain strength after long days of hard work but also create spaces for family members to feel close, share, having love and reunion.