Jobsite table saws: One of the best portable saws

Table saws are increasingly asserting themselves in the saw market. With outstanding functions such as cutting large, thick boards easily in a long working time. It has replaced manual saws such as hand saws in the production of wood furniture.

If you want to buy a table saw? But you don’t know how to choose because there are so many different types of table saw on the market. Today’s article, I will talk about Jobsite table saw in the portable table saw. Try to read and find out if it suits your desired needs.

Jobsite table saw
Jobsite table saw

About safety

Most table saws come with riving knives, anti-kickback and a part that protects the user from the dangers of saw blades. Although the above parts can be removed at any time, I think they are indispensable for table saws. Because it helps us to prevent potential dangers to users. Specifically, the guard from the saw blade makes the table saw turn itself off if the saw blade hits your skin, it is so quick that you don’t notice any scratches on the skin. So don’t worry about its appearance because it’s equipped with lots of parts to protect you.


If you cut wood with this table saw, you will be assured of its accuracy. It will help you cut out the most straight and beautiful wood panels. You need to adjust the angle of the previous saw to cut the straightest and most attractive woods. By setting the good effect will be good cutting results.


The next two important factors of a table saw are the fence quality and overall stability. The fence works by grasping the edge of the table and clamping it. The fence has three contact points. However, it is not as expected, all three points are on the front, none on the back. With a metal clamping system, the front is straightened and self-aligning. It requires a strong locking mechanism so that when the fence is not loose and falls out.  But no guarantee of one hundred percent.

Suggestions on fence settings: When setting up a fence use two hands to press the front of the fence toward the front of the saw table to bring it into the correct place. That helps the fence perpendicular to the saw table. And hold your last position with one hand, and the other lock the fence.

About the level of stability

The stability of the device depends very extremely on whether or not the barrier lock mechanism is certain. If the lock is not tight, it will certainly cause fluctuation to the machine when performing. If you lock it tight enough, you don’t need to worry about it. Particularly, the type of machine that can be moved like this Jobsite saw will vibrate, But the device will just standstill.


Portability is a special feature of this tool for comparison with other devices. With this feature, you can move the table saw wherever you want without worrying about its size or weight.

About weight

The weight of this type of saw is very diverse. Depending on your preferences and needs, the lightest weight is 50 pounds to 500 pounds. If you only use it alone, choose a light and small machine for easy use and portability. If you use it for a workshop, buy a bigger, bigger one to cut more wood.


As I said above because mobility on the machine must be equipped with wheels. There is an instant wheel with the machine, And there is a separate wheel type when you want to move you just need to insert and go very convenient

In conclusion

I have finished giving you some criteria when choosing Jobsite table saw. Do you find it useful and necessary for you? Although there will be some flaws and not perfect. Hope you forgive it. And finally, Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hope that you can choose the best table saw which is suitable for your needs.

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